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Gamelogi is an Online Game Management Solutions Provider located in Turkey. We provide solutions to Game Publishers in Turkey for online games.

Gamelogi has a powerful team structure made of professionals. Every member of the team has a gamer spirit before everything. Additionally, each are talented on critical thinking, bilingual translation, and customer services. Also, team with skills of working at a fast pace, they have an optimistic attitude.

Games are fun and managing them is professionals job. Gamelogi is in a helpful, and interactive communication with each player, by keeping fun and professional management together. Gamelogi team, with the ability of addressing all kinds of players, maintains intense working hours in coordination with its partners.

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Welcome to Gamelogi Game Services
With the development of technology, entertainment sector has dramatically developed as online. With the growing internet potential, online games have taken their place in almost every internet user’s life. With this, growing countries’ online game market has always been one step ahead, one of which is Turkey. Providing unique opportunities to publishers and developers with desire to have a place on Turkish game market, Gamelogi has a strong place on the Turkish game market by combining fun and professionalism.

In today’s world, online gaming madness is a monstrous machine. As more and higher quality games emerge, so too will the number of expert gamers. With this in mind, we believe that portal and community managers should be expert professionals with a background in game market. Positions such as Community Manager, Project Manager, Game Master, Customer Supporter, Game Translator are known as professions which carry no vocational training and are based on experience. In our market, success is derived through those individuals who also excel in bilateral relations.

Gamelogi is ready to give you non-stop support with a team of gamers who have proven experience in game management, demonstrated knowledge of bilateral interactions, and can identify with the issues of an entire community or a single player will encounter.

Services provided by Gamelogi are unique and perfect for publishers or developers desiring to have a piece from the big cake of Turkish online game market. With this service, all developers or publishers need to do is technical work. Gamelogi, with its strong place on the Turkish game market, is providing a non-stop communication between you and Turkish players, using its professional team and strong connections. In other words, Gamelogi will unlock the gates of Turkey for you.

Why Gamelogi?
- You won’t have to worry about a team of untrained, inexperienced “noobs”.
- We don’t believe in trolling or immaturity. Professionalism is a key cornerstone of Gamelogi vision.
- Gamelogi will assign full time specialized service agents specifically dedicated to your project.
- You’ll save on the time, cost, and headache of office space, electronic equipment, social activities, staff social insurance, vacation scheduling, and salary increases based on economic fluctuation.
- We’ll evaluate the staff needs required by your project and take care of the logistics.
- You can enter the Turkish Market confident that you’re represented by a team of well connected, success driven professionals who can expertly route and coordinate your every business need to Turkey.

What do we offer?
Gamelogi offers 100% satisfaction to your customers and will serve as a bridge connecting you and your users.

- Professionalism:
We’ll give you a team of hard working individuals with histories in Game, Project and Community management. Our workers pride themselves on being professional up front but keeping a game culture background. You will have unique team members who are dedicated solely to your project, who can relate with your users, and who are committed to immersing themselves in the experience of your game. Community life, flow, forum activity, game chat, etc. are checked systematically and managed appropriately according to your specific needs.

- Daily Observation:
We offer non-stop service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nothing will happen with your game that Gamelogi will not know about first.

- User Discipline:
Games are for having fun, but every game has rules. We’ll make sure your users know what’s permissible and what’s not.

- User Support:
Whether you want it in-game, via email, ticket system, or something else – we’ll make certain all user inquiries are carefully and diligently seen to.

- Content Production:
Let us create the articles, surveys, press releases and other interactive content you need to keep reaching out to customers.

- Social Media:
We can easily oversee, monitor, and publish to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or other desirable social media platforms.

- Reporting:
Our staff will complete any documentation you require to keep you up to date on your game’s daily, weekly, or monthly progress (as you require). Every detail is meticulously processed to keep you informed on bugs, community feedback, and suggested improvements.

- Coordination:
Gamelogi will work with any departments you need to interface with game operations, whether it’s production, design, web, marketing, or another branch.

- Business Networking:
Gamelogi has strong partners and can collaborate as necessary. We have particularly noteworthy connections with Turkish Game portals, and can directly contact or otherwise mediate between advertising and promotion agencies.

- Privacy:
Company and user information is held sacred and will not be shared with third parties or other groups. Ethical conduct is at the root of our mission and will not be sacrificed under any circumstances.

game community management

Community Management
In an aim to meet the expectations of our players and publishers, our Community Management team members put their maximum effort on their responsibilities. Those responsibilities may concern the interests, concerns, and/or requests of stakeholders.

Gamelogi plays a role as an interconnector between publisher and players based on the pre-determined procedures. In order to function the game properly, community management structure needs to be established without letting any problem intervene in the ongoing events and issues.

24/7 Monitoring
Gamelogi takes charge of implementing the responsibilities that are (un)foreseen. By working collaboratively with publisher and informing the relevant departments, our Community Management team tries its best to please every single stakeholder.

Forum management
Gamelogi functions the forum by assigning administrators and moderators to the system. Relations and communications among players and clients are under control at almost every moment. Showing great attention to a formal and a trustworthy environment in forum is among our working principles.

User-Friendly Forum Environment
Community Management team administrators and moderators work for sustaining a peaceful atmosphere in forum. Inappropriate messages and comments are cleaned and/or deleted as soon as possible. Our team ensures that players stay stick to the rules and the policies in the game and forum.

Future Development
In order to improve the standards and ensure player satisfaction, Gamelogi gives importance to feedback and opinions received from stakeholders. By analyzing forum messages and comments, our Community Management team draws plans for future development.

game customer support

Customer Support
Keeping the relations with players in a professional atmosphere and responding to their needs are among the fundemental issues for customer support. Requests or expectations of players are of great importance for Gamelogi.

Gamelogi team has the capacity of communicating in both English and Turkish languages. With the help of our 24/7 policy, constant contact with players and responses to their needs are possible.

One to One Access
At any unexpected situation aroused or for a player interest and need, our team members take immediate action with the right communicational attitudes and reactions. Messages and e-mails are replied in a very short time.

Telephone Support
Another option to one to one access service is our telephone support. On specific hours of the day, players have the chance to get access to our team for their needs and requests.

Ticket Service
Our customer service team provides players individual support and gives special importance to their questions, needs, and interests. The team provides constant responses to tickets, e-mails and telephone calls as soos as possible.

online game management

Game Management
In online game sector, it is important to have a direct access to players and fulfill the communication gap between publisher and its players. In order to obtain a sustainable contact with players, an experienced, responsible and well-trained team of people are needed.

Gamelogi together with its experienced team is volunteer to provide online game publishers with a variety of services.

Game Moderation
One of the most crucial issues of game moderation is in-game moderation. We, as Gamelogi, provide our clients several services such as online support or reporting services etc. Among those services; providing and getting feedback from players, sustaining formal and fair relations among players, keeping constant contact with players and/or managing game community could be counted.

Game Events
By operating and implementing the system on a regular basis, Gamelogi helps the Number of Online Players increase and supports the coordination of players. On the other hand, players all around the world have chance to share the same platform in an international environment. Gamelogi provides the players a number of in-game online events.

Non-stop 24/7 Game Monitoring
Gamelogi has an well-organized team to assist players and take emergency action in unexpected situations. The team works in an aim to manage the system and help it process properly. With the help of e-mail and reporting procedures, the team takes the control of ongoing system.

online game translation

Online Game Translation
Communication is important, and the right wording can make all the difference. Translation offices are convenient, but a user friendly interface is priceless. We feel that a well translated game is one that is both accurate and user-friendly.

Our game localization services are very affordable. Please contact us for details.

We require an online translation tool and live testing in order to save on time and efficiency, as well as deliver accurate results.

game publishing

Online Game Publishing
Turkey has a very strong (and widely unrealized) online game market. While many foreign game companies have tried to take place in Turkish game market, many have failed. We offer a team immersed in both Turkish and gaming culture, which will help bring your product to the market it needs.

We believe in letting developers develop while publishers publish.

Why us?
- We embrace country and language based publishing. Only Turkish for Turkish players.
- We’ll present the game and game rules clearly upfront.
- We value professionalism and user-friendly management.
- We guarantee a great value for your advertising budget.
- We pride ourselves on security and privacy.

Concerning publishing, Gamelogi is open to a wide variety of financial agreements. Please contact us for the details.

Gamelogi will not publish games which are in direct competition with our existing partners.


Partners of Gamelogi
Details of companies and games we have worked with so far:

  • Ejderha Ustası
    Monkey King Online
  • Shakes & Fidget
    Soccer Star
    Tiny Island
  • Tauri World





Career at Gamelogi
After providing consulting services between 2008 – 2010, Gamelogi is officialy founded in İzmir at 2011. Having lots of connections and populaces, Gamelogi officially started a first in Turkey; Online Game Management Solutions. In a short time, growing successfully, Gamelogi got stronger and more active in Turkish Online Game Market by reconstraction. If you want to participate in this strong and active team, have a look at our job offers.

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05.05.2015 - Gamelogi has a new logo, web design and new services now.
It is time to change for Gameloji, but a letter is the only difference. Gameloji will continue it's services as Gamelogi.
We are proceeding on our way with our new logo, web site and services.
13.06.2014 - Gamelogi-R2 Games start partnership.
07.04.2014 - Gamelogi-Upjers start partnership.
01.01.2014 - Gamelogi-Turkmmo start partnership.
01.07.2013 - Gamelogi-Suba Games start partnership.
11.02.2013 - Gamelogi-GameRill start partnership.
12.06.2012 - Gamelogi-Ignited Games start partnership.
23.03.2012 - Gamelogi-Level Up Games start partnership.
07.04.2012 - Gamelogi has a new logo and web design now.
01.02.2012 - Gamelogi-Playa Games start partnership.
11.01.2012 - Gamelogi's webpage active now.
01.01.2012 - Gamelogi is incorporated.